Top countries investing in Canada

In 2020, 46 countries announced investments in Canada, with 70% of confirmed FDI flows coming from the United States, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France and Brazil. Although the U.S. accounts for the majority of projects, FDI flows coming from the U.K. saw a 65.7% increase in 2020.

FDI from non-traditional countries

Diversification in FDI will help Canada build a prosperous, sustainable economy. In 2020, Canada saw investments increase from source countries that do not typically appear in the top 10 investor countries. These countries included Chile, Norway, Poland, Singapore and Taiwan, among others.

Spotlight on Norway

Investors from Norway continue to choose Canada for our innovative spirit, highly skilled workforce, favourable business climate and more. Take a look at the stories below featuring recent investments from Norway. Learn more about Norway’s Elkem in the National view section.

Investing in Canada’s north

Inuvik in Canada’s Northwest Territories holds huge potential as a commercial space industry centre. Discover why Norwegian company KSAT partnered with New North Networks to build a satellite ground station.

Investing in Canada’s north
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The success files


2020 investments: 3 investments with a total value of $246.1 million

Types: 1 M&A and 2 greenfield (new or expansion) projects

Industries: ICT manufacturing, software & computer, agribusiness

Projected jobs: 50 from greenfield projects

Workers making adjustments at the Canadian Satellite Ground Station in Inuvik, Northwest Territories
The Canadian Satellite Ground Station in Inuvik, Northwest Territories

Canada and Norway have a strong, longstanding trade and investment relationship. In 2020, Canada’s merchandise exports to Norway reached nearly $2.5 billion, in part thanks to the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) agreement. Total FDI stock from Norway in Canada in 2020 reached almost $7 billion, making Norway the 17th largest foreign investor in Canada at the end of the year.

“The environment for investment in Canada is very favourable. Elkem has had excellent support from both levels of government.”

Jean Villeneuve,
President, Elkem Metals Canada

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